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December 8, 2017
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December 8, 2017 MGANexus

Linked in ideas

We offer Search Engine Optimization services, Web Design, Social Media Marketing and complete domination of your online markets niche.

We create and implement a comprehensive online marketing plan designed specifically for your business. To focus on attracting more paying customers to your business, we may use:

➦Websites and other “online real estate” that drive traffic and help you convert leads
➦SEO (Search Engine Optimization- the horsepower that gets YOU found)
➦Digital advertising (like PPC, Facebook ads or native ads)
➦Social media
➦Reputation marketing to build your online reputation

Search engines like Google have become a core resource for individuals and companies looking for a business, product, or service. This transition to online search has, over the years, reduced the need for traditional search methods, such as yellow pages and newspapers.

And since the consumer searching landscape has changed, the way your company gets found must change, too. Effectively ranking for search terms that relate for your business is the NUMBER ONE method of generating hot leads who are looking for your products and services

Whether you’ve already invested in an SEO strategy or are just getting started, I am able increase your visibility online, making it as easy and convenient as possible for any potential clients to find YOU. I specialize in ranking business’s websites on page #1 of Google, and even more than that: I aim to make your business DOMINATE online.

Search Engine Optimization and branding are at the foundation of our services. If you aren’t found when your customers need you, you don’t have a chance. If you get a chance, you sure as hell better not just get their attention, but connect, deliver value, build a relationship and win the business.

Most SEO companies will try to rank your site url with some on page set up and link building. We take a much deeper cut into truly serving our clients, starting with who you are as a person, the brand you need to build, how you will connect with your customers, market opportunity and start our search engine optimization process there. Unless you plan on wasting your marketing budget on SEO that doesn’t hold up over time, you really need to begin with an understanding that Google will continue to evolve it’s ranking algorithm to better serve people searching for a solution to their problem.



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