3 Things You Must Do For Google to Like Your Site

May 8, 2016
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May 8, 2016 MGANexus

3 Things You Must Do For Google to Like Your Site

Maybe you’re thinking that Google cannot rank your website high because you’re not a big boss. That’s not true. Google looks forward to ranking your website high if you can provide them what they want. But the issue is how to identify what Google actually want in your site. Don’t worry, I will tell you the three things you must do for Google to like your site. I’m sure you know what you’ll get when they (Google bots) eventually like your site.

Google likes uniqueness

The number one thing you must do for Google to like your site is to be unique. Let me welcome you to the wonderful world of internet marketing where everything is possible. When I say “possible”, I mean it. Are you after copy and paste information, or you want to build your brand from scratch? The two options are available for you.

Most people come online just to copy other useful contents and dump them in their sites. Yet they expect something good in return. It’s not going to work if your target is search engines. In order for you to rank well in search engines, you must be able to offer unique and informative contents. Contents is not all about article. Images are part of it. If you know you want to use image in your site, make sure you create your own image, or get someone to take pictures for you. Downloading images from Google or other site will not help. So try and maintain uniqueness.

Well designed and easily navigable website

In case you’re hearing this for the first time, you may need to read “negative effects of bad website templates” for you to understand better. What makes Google are the bots that perform different types of tasks such as crawling, indexing, and ranking. If your website is not designed to allow easy crawling, it would be difficult for search engines to crawl and rank your site.

Search engines bots craw websites 24/7 and rank them. Even if you have the best contents available on the internet, without adequate crawling, indexing and ranking would be poor. So you need to design your website in search engine friendly manner. I also implore you to read the benefits of on-page optimization for every websites.

Pure white hat SEO practice

Did you know that Google has a way of dealing with websites that practices block hat SEO? It’s good you know. Black hat SEO is so common and Google hate those that practice it. Black hat SEO techniques uses trick or deceitful method to rank websites. If this is your style, be ready for Google’s next “bird update”.

White hat SEO is simply the best method to rank well in search engines. It’s a plain technique that tells search engines exactly what your website is.

If you want to remain maintain your website ranking and stay in that first page forever, you must heed to these tips.

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